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Who is Tineke?

About Tineke

When I created the Tineke Cooks Facebook Page in February 2015, I had no idea that this virtual space would one day be a real life bricks and mortar place. 


Tineke Cooks, The Cookery School, is born😁♥️🙏

I’m originally from South Africa, where I also finished my formal education and became a kindergarten teacher. It’s not until my 30’s that I turned to cooking professionally. Believe me it was hard work. But it goes to show that if you love something passionately and believe in yourself.... well then it’s all possible. I cheffed in some hard, hot, difficult kitchens but I kept going because I knew that I truly wanted to do nothing else in life other than cook. 

My favourite chef job was at the brilliant Coq d’Argent in London, French Fine Dining. Here I learnt so much, I will forever be thankful 🙏 

I’m absolutely besotted in love with cooking and with food with being in my kitchen, any kitchen for that matter. Rustic, comfort food, done with a bit of elegance, flavourful and interesting, exotic tastes, baking breads, cakes and pies, and absolutely everything in between, I’m in love with it all. I’ll try anything, I experiment, and I always cook from the heart. 

I wasn’t looking to become a cookery teacher, it just happened by chance. I taught in a few well known London cookery schools, but I always knew I wanted to do this my way, my style, my food. And that’s when the penny dropped......I found the perfect job for me. I can use my chefs knowledge, combine that with being a trained teacher and talk and cook passionately all day long with people about the kind of food and cooking that I love. I hope to meet you soon, at my little cookery school. And thank you to the wonderful community on Facebook that continues to support me. 

It’s in this virtual space I found my “voice”

Love and hugs



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