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Deliciously Festive

I love potatoes and these little babies with bacon crumbles will disappear as soon as you put them down. Moorish burger stuffed mushrooms and very satisfying asparagus and charcuterie, so easy to make. And you may let your imagination and creative juices run free(🙈) as you decorate your mini pies. Then a little on the adventurous side, quails eggs with insanely tasty Japanese mayo and crunchy sesame and nori condiment, furikake... I absolutely love this taste combination. I think you will too.  

You will get to taste everything we make as part of the lesson, however, your very own creations  will be going home with you to share with your family and friends. All recipes will be emailed. 

Quails eggs with japanese mayo and furikake
Burger stuffed mushrooms
Mini mediterranean pies
Asparagus fingers, wrapped and oven ready
Baked prosciutto asparagus fingers
Mediterranean pie selection
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