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Easy Desserts

This does exactly what it says on the tin(🙈😂) it’s desserts that I’ll show you how to make really easy. So many lovely skills to learn on this lesson, making beautiful meringue, how to deal with fruit, I will teach you how to make my delicious fresh custard and we will learn how to make and bake lovely pancakes, crepe if you prefer. It’s worth coming to this lesson for the custard tarts alone.....😂😂, they are so addictive. Yet unbelievably easy and fun to make. 

You will get to taste everything we make as part of the lesson, however, your very own creations  will be going home with you to share with your family and friends. All recipes will be emailed. 

Delicious custard tarts
Custard tarts cooling
Meringue nests
Lovely soft crepe
Frozen berries ready for the compote
Meringue nests with raspberries and pomegranate
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