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Rich and Indulgent Double Chocolate Brownies

So here it is.... the chocolate brownies that I have become known for. 😁 This is the best lesson for the chocolate lover and for those with a sweet tooth. So come and let me show you how to make these rich, indulgent chocolate brownies of mine. Then we will make an unbelievably easy, delicious no churn ice cream and I will give you flavour options to choose from(please bring a large empty freezer suitable plastic container)

We will also make a gorgeous flavourful fruity compote. To finish I will teach you how to make lovely nutty brittle to accompany this sweet feast. 

You will get to taste everything we make as part of the lesson, however, your very own creations  will be going home with you to share with your family and friends. All recipes will be emailed.

Chocolate Brownie with Gold Leaf
Home Made Blackberry Ice Cream
Nut Brittle
Rum and raisin and vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Brownies
Brownies and Ice Cream
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