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Breads for Sharing and Feasting

This is a brilliant lesson if you love baking delicious savoury treats for your family and friends. Think Friday night on the sofa....lovely garlicy pizzettes, a truly tender inside, crispy on top focaccia bread with fresh rosemary and flaked salt and the most versatile tear and share pizza pinwheels, stuffed with all manner of delicious ingredients. If you adore bread, and baking .... you will be so glad you attended this lesson.

You will get to taste everything we make as part of the lesson, however, your very own creations  will be going home with you to share with your family and friends. All recipes will be emailed. 

Making pizza pinwheels
Pizza pinwheels, so cheesey
Garlic pizzettes
Focaccia, oven ready
Garlic pizzettes
Rosemary and sea salt focaccia
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