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Tineke's Lessons

A Taste Of SA.jpg

A Taste of South Africa

You will be making:


Pampoen Koekies/Pumpkin Fritters

Green Apple Sambal 

Malva Pudding



Skills you will be learning:

Introduction to Cape Malay flavours

Developing the aromatics in spices

How to blend spices

Chopping, frying, making batter

Understanding flavour combinations


Pasta Making.jpg

Pasta Making

You will be making:




Sauces and Fillings



Skills you will be learning:

How to make fresh pasta dough

Using both a pasta maker and hand rolling

How to fill the pasta

Shaping, cooking and finishing off pasta

How to make fillings and sauces



All About Gyoza

You will be making:

Fresh gyoza from scratch 

Variety of fillings

Dipping Sauces

Miso broth



Skills you will be learning:

How to make fresh gyoza dough 

How to combine fillings and flavours

Crimping the gyoza in different ways

Frying and steaming techniques 

Understanding and learning flavours


Arepas Clean.heic

Flatbreads from around
the world

You will be making: 

Flour Tortilla - Mexico

Pitta - Middle East

Potato Farl - Ireland

Arepa - South America


Cake Baking Front copy.PNG

Cake Baking

You will be making:

Apple and Blackberry Cake

Mini Upside Down Plum and Almond Cake 

Double Chocolate Cupcakes 


Three tartlets.heic

Introduction to Patisserie

You will be making:

Shortcrust pastry 

Fruity Custard tarts

Chocolate Swiss Roll 

Nut Brittle and Custard 


Tonkatsu clean.heic

A taste of Japan

You will be making: 




Miso Broth 



Farmhouse Baking

You will be making:

Apple and Walnut Streusel Cake

Hedgerow Scones

Rustic Plum and Peach Pie



Comfort Cooking

You will be making:

Smothered Chicken and Chorizo Enchiladas 
Spinach and Pumpkin Lasagne 
Chilli Con Carne Cornbread Pie


Cooked Pizza.jpg

Pizza and Doughballs

You will be making:

Tineke’s Pizza Dough 

Easy no cook tomato sauce 

Tear and Share Cheese Stuffed Garlic Dough Balls

Best Garlic Butter



A taste of Vietnam

You will be making:

Rice Paper Wraps and Nouc Cham sauce 

Bun Cha(Vietnamese Style Pork Balls) 

Aromatic Rice Noodle and Vegetable Pho 

A versatile and delicious Fragrant Paste


Knife Skills Front 1.jpg

Introduction to Knife Skills

We will cover, Slicing, Dicing, Chopping, Pasting and Chiffonade of everyday vegetables and herbs 

This lesson includes hands on cooking.


Choc Brownies.jpg

Rich & indulgent
Chocolate Brownies

You will be making:

Double Chocolate Brownies 

Best No Churn Ice Cream

Fruit Compote 

Nut Brittle


Continental Breads.jpg

Best of Continental Breads

You will be making:

Dutch Milk Bread 

French Fougasse 

Italian Rosemary and Sea Salt Foccacia 



Fabulous Filo

You will be making:

Greek feta bougatsa 

Versatile crispy phyllo(filo) cups

Chicken, spinach and ricotta pies

Roasted pumpkin and cheese scrunchies 



Breads for Sharing and Feasting

You will be making:

Garlic Pizzettes

Oven Tray Foccaccia

Pizza Pinwheels

Easy no cook pizza sauce



A Taste of North India

You will be making:

Making Fresh Paneer(including preparation for cooking) 

Mughlai Curry Sauce 


Tomato and onion sambal 



Enriched Doughs
Sweet & Savoury Baking

You will be making:

Raspberry & White Chocolate Babka

Orange Scented Brioche 

Pizza Dough Rolls


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