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Introduction to Knife Skills

Enjoying you time in the kitchen depends a lot on preparing food for cooking. And this is where having sound knife skills will make all the difference. I will teach and guide you through 3 1/2 hrs of valuable and sound knife skills you can use every single day. 


General introduction and discussion about knives 
Knife safety 
Sharpening knives 
Selecting the right knife for you
How to correctly handle you knives 
Care, storage and maintenance of knives
How to properly set up a food preparation area
Selecting chopping boards and getting organised

We will learn to debone chicken thighs 
Preparing and cooking: 
Herb and Feta stuffed Chicken Thighs, wrapped in Prosciutto with a classic Piperade (vegetarian option available) 
Please bring plastic containers with lids 
Please bring along your favourite knives 


You will get to taste everything we make as part of the lesson, however, your very own creations  will be going home with you to share with your family and friends. All recipes will be emailed. 

Learning to chop, paste and chiffonade everyday vegetables and herbs
Herb and Feta Stuffed Chicken Thighs wrapped with Prosciutto, served with a classic Piperade
Learning to cut, slice and dice everyday vegetables
Everyday vegetables and herbs
Selection of knives
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